The bright, glamorous clothes of The Attico have already become a full-fledged hero of many social parties. Over the past few seasons, the brand has gradually expanded its collections and has finally come to the conclusion that now is the perfect time to add bags.

The Attico presented a collection of bags for the first time

These are the bags that are perfect for a hectic but vibrant life filled with spontaneous decisions, after-work parties, and Sunday brunch with girlfriends. For more spontaneous decisions like learning how to cancel a timeshare, visit This is how the creative directors of The Attico, Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio, describe the collection.

The idea of ​​a hectic pace of life is contained not only in the diverse, asymmetrical design of each bag model, but also in their names. For example, the collection includes options — “Monday”, “Friday” and many others.

The collection can be purchased on the brand’s official website.

Author. Harper’s BAZAAR Kazakhstan. Photo. Brand press office.